How is COVID-19 impacting Arcadis recruitment and what is happening now?

Earlier this year we communicated that we were experiencing some disruption in recruitment as the pandemic started to take hold. Our priority was to ensure the safe working of our people and understand the impact on our clients and projects. We saw some initial slowdown in activity as we partnered with our people and our clients to find solutions for continuing work in a safe and healthy way. 

We have seen some significant transformation over the last year in how we now work. From implementing personal hygiene measures to a global home working protocol wherever appropriate. We thought it was very important to understand what our employees wanted and felt comfortable with in this new normal. Our people have been at the forefront of informing our new ways of working.

The good news is we are hiring again at nearly normal pre-pandemic rates.  It naturally follows that many of our processes for selection are now virtual, but don’t worry, our recruiters will aim to put you at ease with our new processes.

Our careers site is updated regularly with new opportunities across the globe, but if you can’t find anything that is right for you at present, you can always join our Talent Community. Sign-up and we will notify you of future jobs and you can hear more about how life at Arcadis can transform your world.
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Hear from Jacoline, our Chief People Officer...

The global pandemic continues to disrupt business around the world. Jacoline explains how Arcadis has demonstrated agility and flexibility in how we have responded in a unified approach to the challenges posed. Hear how our people; ‘Arcadians’ have continued to deliver exceptional outcomes, whilst ensuring our own physical and mental health remains of paramount importance.

Inspired by a sense of purpose

As Arcadians we are here to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. Challenges that require fresh thinking, bold ideas and a joined-up approach. It’s why we’ve put so much energy into building a culture where our people can thrive, as individuals and as part of a community.

We’re a diverse mix of people. We come from different backgrounds, have different skillsets and different perspectives. For us, those differences make us stronger, driving us forward, inspiring us. We’re always learning from each other, curious to find out more, discovering what’s possible when we come together. And we’re supportive, building on ideas and offering our encouragement.

Embracing that mindset means we get to work on some of the most diverse projects imaginable. That’s what excites us and it’s what we love to see: our people working together, using their expertise, united by a common goal of improving quality of life.
FAQs - Arcadis Current Recruitment Process:

​​​​​​​1. How has Arcadis responded to COVID-19 across the various stages of recruitment?
As a business we have embraced virtual solutions and were quick to mobilize and adapt to the rapidly changing circumstances that meant face to face engagement was no longer an option across our global locations.

We have an end-to-end full virtual recruitment process embedded across our organisation. From phone and video interviews, to remote job offers, we have it covered. Our new hires have been on-boarded successfully at home and all equipment safely and securely shipped to ensure a seamless start to their careers as Arcadians.

We have remote IT support to support the on-boarding of our new hires and virtual inductions utilizing Microsoft Teams with both managers and colleagues to ensure you feel part of the team from day one.

Feedback has been extremely positive from our new hires who have been with us some months but have yet to meet colleagues in person or work from their local Arcadis office!

Our talent acquisition teams are based 100% remotely, working from home they continue to deliver an exceptional service to all candidates and applicants, whilst continuing to bring the very best talent in to Arcadis in challenging circumstances.

New Arcadians can expect a warm welcome and a high-level of support from the business including any relevant training relevant to their role wherever delivery is possible in a virtual setting.

2. How has Arcadis prioritised the safety of employees?
As a people first business, the safety of all Arcadians is one of our main priorities. From ensuring we support employees with the correct home office equipment to providing employees with a dedicated mental health support phoneline, we acknowledge the lines between work and home have become blurred.

Our flexible home-working policy has been adapted and we actively encourage all our people to take regular breaks, exercise and look to re-charge when necessary. We accept that standard working hours have been disrupted and may never be the same again.

The focus has and always will be on producing best in class outcomes across our range of diverse projects and clients. Our employees have responded in the best way and in future we expect to be able to offer much more flexible working arrangements wherever possible.

3. I recently applied for a job but didn’t get a response, will I hear back?
We have seen a significant spike in applications over the past 9 months since the pandemic took hold in March 2020.

We aim to reply to all applications, so if you are yet to hear from us, we can only apologise, but assure you, we are doing our very best to ensure you have a great experience of exploring career opportunities at Arcadis, thank you for your interest and patience.

4. Are you still continuing to hire in the current climate?
We have continued to hire for business critical roles throughout 2020. Our volumes did drop as we looked to assess the business impact for both Arcadis and our clients. We are pleased to say that our job volume levels are nearly back to pre-pandemic levels and we are open to applications across all our live roles featured on the careers site. Some early years/campus programmes are on hold at present, but please do register your interest and we will notify you once the programmes plan to go live in 2021.

5. Has the selection process been altered and what can I expect?
As we’ve detailed, the recruitment process had adapted across our virtual platforms to ensure we can interview and assess via phone, video or virtual tools. In terms of selection, we still adhere to our open and communicative process and look forward to guiding you through the process, hopefully to offer and on-boarding you as a new Arcadian.

6. After searching open vacancies, there was nothing suitable at present, what should I do?
If you could not find an open role at present on our careers site, then please sign-up to our Talent Community. We will then be able to match future live opportunities to your profile and send you customised job alerts aligned to your skills, capabilities, and preferable locations. If you opt-in for our marketing communications, we can also keep you up to date on life at Arcadis and how our people are continuing to help us bring our mission to life across the globe. Improving quality of life.
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