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Undergraduate Work Placements and Internships
Spending time working at Arcadis prior to graduating is a brilliant way to kickstart your career and get first-hand experience of life at Arcadis. Not only will you get to work alongside skilled professionals, but you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to real projects and get hands on experience whilst earning a salary.
Many of those who join us on work placements or internships go on to join our Graduate Grow Programme after the successful completion of their degree. Those looking to join us as an undergraduate have two options: Internships (10-12 week summer internships) or Work Placements (12-month undergraduate work placements).

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Our undergraduate opportunities

We have a wide range of opportunities for undergraduates with 10-12-week summer internships and ​​​​12-month work placements across many disciplines. These include Engineering, Project Management, Cost Consulting, Building Surveying and Specialist and Science areas such as Ecology, Land Quality, Environmental Impact Assessment & Planning.

Whichever route you chose, you’ll have the opportunity to improve quality of life. Whether you’re helping our clients to get value for money and bold, digitally enabled solutions; working on building smart infrastructural solutions; supporting on organising the creation of large, complex and iconic programs of work; or supporting on projects concerned with protecting our environment and water resources. You’ll have the opportunity to enrich lives and enable communities to thrive. During your placement you will earn a salary and we will provide you with the experience you require to support and finalise your studies. You’ll benefit from on-the-job training, mentoring, and the assistance you need to develop and succeed.

We’re constantly seeking innovative thinkers who challenge everything. ​​​​​​​Explore our Early Careers opportunities and how you can become the next problem solver for the planet.

Application opening dates

Work Placements: we have one intake every year and open for applications in September, for start dates between July to September.
Internships: we have one intake every year and open for applications in September, for start dates in June/July.
We recommend early applications as we review on a first come first serve basis

Step 1
Apply Online

You’ll apply for your chosen programme online through our website. You’ll be required to submit an up-to-date CV.

Step 2
Online Behavioural Assessment

You’ll complete a series of tasks across various levels in an interactive assessment that will capture how you respond to challenges, approach problems, deal with ambiguity, and manage uncertainty.
Step 3
The final interview is made up of two parts. Firstly, we will assess your competencies, behaviours, and suitability for the position. Part two focuses on your technical knowledge.

What it's like to work with us

"I love working at Arcadis because of the sense of community. Everyone is willing to help each other no matter what their level/position is as everyone is treated equally and valued. Arcadis is also a flexible place to work, so you can work in the way that suits you best. I think Arcadis is the best place to gain hands on experience of the industry, putting what I learnt at university into practice."
Trainee Project Manager
"Everyone I've met has been so lovely and anyoneis willing to help if you need it. Everyone has a massive growth mindset and therefore it's a really exciting company to work for."
Trainee Project Manager
"I love working at Arcadis for the People – Arcadis has a People First culture – it’s a great environment to work with people who constantly praise and support you throughout every step of your journey. The support I’ve received from starting has been second to none and I really like that you have so many people you can talk to if you ever haveany questions."
Trainee Cost Consultant
"The opportunity for maturity Arcadis offered me was beyond imaginable at the time. You are responsible to find the work "for yourself". You have to move your way through people and construct your "network" of colleagues which will aid you in your development in the experience."
Trainee Engineer

Undergraduate opportunities

Explore our current Undergraduate Placements and Internship opportunities.