At Arcadis, our apprenticeship programmes give you an exciting opportunity to jump straight into the professional world, gain first-hand exposure to impactful projects and work alongside industry experts across the globe.
Our apprentices share their day-in-the-life stories as a problem solver for the planet, their favourite projects, their tips for aspiring Arcadians and why they love working with Arcadis.


Apprentice Project Manager

I’m currently undertaking a Project Management Apprenticeship with Arcadis. My typical workday involves catching up with the team to discuss the progress of the projects, work through any problems, and agree on next steps and goals for the week. Sometimes, I also lead chair meetings with minimal supervision, thanks to the trust and mentorship of my senior colleagues. My work week involves working four days a week as a Trainee Project Manager, with one day a week dedicated to completing my Construction Management degree.

My favourite project to date has been with a growing student accommodation business that was recently acquired by a large investment company, where we supported the client in growing and enhancing their current portfolio of buildings. I had the opportunity to run my own workstream of building upgrades, overseeing the end-to-end delivery and embedding of new buildings within the client’s property management function. I also enjoyed the fast-paced nature of the role, as well as expanding my network of industry experts.

Arcadis have nailed their “People First” value. Not only was I given the opportunity to gain invaluable experience, but I’ve also worked with some great colleagues who have provided me with the opportunity to run and manage my own projects. Arcadian leaders are also very accommodating and have shown a genuine interest in our development.​

One tip I could give to applicants is to be inquisitive, open-minded and eager to get involved in projects that will push you to get out of your comfort zone. Arcadis offers endless opportunities, making it a great place to learn and develop your skills, regardless of your experience level.


Apprentice Civil Engineer, BSc (Hons) in Environmental Engineering

My typical day as an Apprentice Civil Engineer at Arcadis involves supporting my team in delivering engineering designs and solutions to our clients. Since my role is mainly office-based, I undertake design calculations and prepare reports for our clients using a wide range of software, including Microsoft365, AutoCAD, Micro Drainage, and BIM 360. Sometimes, I also do site visits as part of the pre-design process or to undertake bridge and drainage surveys.

My favourite project so far has been carrying out foundation designs for a new Sustainable Aviation Test Centre at Kirkwall Airport, Orkney. I got to visit the site prior to the design stage, carry out calculations, prepare technical drawings to show the foundation specifications and write the final Civils Design Input report.​

I love working at Arcadis because there is a great culture and teams of inspiring people who are delivering extremely innovative, impressive and sustainable projects. Arcadis is a brilliant place to work and they are keen to employ enthusiastic individuals who want to make a difference, especially when it comes to sustainability.


Apprentice Systems Engineer

I’m a Junior Systems Engineer working on various railway projects with Arcadis’ Rail South Team. My typical day mostly involves working on producing deliverables required for our projects. Sometimes I work independently on some projects, while most of time I collaborate with my colleagues.

I have enjoyed working on all projects which I have been involved in, but I would say the DLR Beckton Depot Maintenance Facility Building is my favourite. This project gave me the opportunity to lead the deliverables, work more independently and collaborate with different engineering designers.

What I love working for Arcadis the most is how they embody their DE&I and “People First” values. The organisation makes you feel that you are a part of a big family where everyone gets treated fairly. Your team looks out for you and encourages you to give your best. Arcadis also offers many different opportunities to progress your career.

One advice I could give to the applicants is to have a proactive approach. Have a look at the projects that the team is currently working on and see where you can contribute. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.


Apprentice Project Manager

I’m a Business Transformation Consultant at Arcadis, helping organisations implement and work through large-scale changes in their business processes. My typical day mostly involves working with the team to innovate ideas and methods to support our client organisations. This includes advising clients on how to manage and implement changes in the business, ensuring the changes are cost-efficient and of the benefit of their people.

My favourite project so far has been supporting an organisation in implementing a hybrid working model to accommodate the changes in the way people work following the pandemic. This project has helped the client improve the well-being and satisfaction of their critical workers in helping the public during the pandemic.

I love working at Arcadis because no project is the same. I’m constantly learning about the different types of change programmes, organisations and industries. I know that I am making an impact in improving the quality of life for others, as most organisations make changes to benefit their people, customers and the wider society.

One tip I could give to aspiring Arcadians is to bring the best in you. We are a people organisation, and we work with people too. Highlight your soft skills (e.g. communication, active listening, critical thinking) as much as the knowledge you already have. Have a growth mindset and be willing to learn.


Apprentice Cost Consultant, BSc in Quantity Surveying

As an Apprentice Cost Consultant at Arcadis, my typical day involves joining team meetings about the projects I’m involved in, which allows me to understand the project’s stages and to look out for any warning signs that may impact the cost.​

I also assess and manage compensation events and application of payments with my senior manager, which also helps me improve my auditing skills. During my spare time, I take part in Arcadis’ free online courses to harness my industry expertise.

One of the projects that stood out to me was the Shoreham Port project, which gave me the chance to learn more about the profession and help me boost my confidence in handling future projects.

I love working at Arcadis because everyone is so accommodating and patient. You can tell that they want you to be your best version of yourself. Not only are we expected to do our job well with the help of dedicated learning and excellent training, but we are also expected to take care of our mental health.

One tip that I could give to aspiring Arcadians is to just be yourself. Don’t hesitate to demonstrate your hard work and motivation; they will be noticed and rewarded.