Candidates FAQs


What is the application and assessment process?

01: Application and CV Submission
Look at the opportunities available and decide which is the best fit for you based on your education, skills and aspirations.
Start by completing a short application and submit your CV online. You will be able to select the programme that is of interest and your preferred location.
02: Online Behavioural Assessment
We assess a candidate's behaviours in a behaviour based virtual assessment. You will receive a link to complete this if you pass the 1st stage. We use this type of assessment to ensure we are identifying the right talent in an objective way, where no-one is at a disadvantage.
03: Assessment Centre
(work placement and internship applicants will skip this stage and go straight to an interview)
● Our trained Assessors and Recruitment team will ensure the experience is as pleasant as possible during your virtual or physical assessment.
● Assessments consist of 2 exercises: a group activity and a capability exercise - lasting up to 2 hours. This assesses your skills and knowledge specific to the programme you have applied to.
04: Final Interview
The final interview is made up of two parts. The first part of the interview assesses your competencies, behaviours, and suitability for the chosen programme or position. The second part of the interview focuses on our industry and Arcadis.
05: Offer
If you are successful following the assessment process a member of the team will be in contact to discuss our offer and once you have verbally accepted, an email will be sent from our HR department with a link where you can access the offer paperwork.
06: Onboarding
After you’ve accepted your offer, we’ll send you information about your onboarding prior to your start date. You’ll also be contacted by your team to discuss your first day/week, a couple of weeks before you start.
Your laptop will be couriered to your home address.
07: 1st Day at Arcadis
● Start your new career with us and help us transform tomorrow.
● ​​​​​​​Your first week will consist of various induction activities.

Tips before you apply

Don’t forget the assessment is a two-way process, it’s about providing you with as much information as possible to allow you to evaluate our environment, our people, and our culture, as well as us assessing your suitability for the opportunity you have applied for.  Remember we want you to be ‘Yourself’.
Prior to applying to one of our roles make sure to do plenty of research into Arcadis and the industry in which we operate.
Before submitting your application please ensure all your contact details are correct and don’t contain any typos.